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Welcome to Plymouth

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Plymouth - énergie fitness for women

énergie is truly committed to empowering you to transform your life.

Don't take our word for it... here's what our members say

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* Carol Tweedie

The improvement I have had by coming to the énergie gym, is that when I go walking and there is no public conveniences, it is easier to squat behind a bush.

* Rebecca Maton

The nutritional advice I have had from energie and Suzanne Hubble has been very valuable, particularly regarding fluid intake. I am very motivated going forward after my 30 day coaching programme and continued coaching support that you get as a member of energie fitness for women in Plympton.

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* Liza Jarvis

Here I am nearly 18 months later! What made me stay is; I love the classes and have learnt that I enjoy working out with others, but more than that I love the women that I train with they are welcoming and genuinely lovely which makes it more like a social than a chore!!! Then there's the instructors, each unique, and each pushing you to your own limits to get the best out of you, but all wonderfully kind and encouraging on your own personal journey. Well I have lost just under 2 stone, but that has become such a smaller part of my journey - I have built muscle, created definition, but also confidence and pride in my achievements - I regularly swing an 8kg kettlebell and I completed my first 10k in just over an hour. I have been given the confidence to know I can achieve whatever I put my mind to, and be an active mum to my kids. I want to try and do a half marathon in 2017 and someday soon I will look in the mirror and be pleased with what I see. UPDATE: Today I ran 10 miles!

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