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Welcome to Ely

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Ely - énergie fitness for women

énergie is truly committed to empowering you to transform your life.

Don't take our word for it... here's what our members say

* Mary Barker

Although I know I still have got a long way to go, I feel 100% more confident and I feel stronger and healthier, I also feel more positive about my future health. I have now got a much lower blood pressure and a lot more movement in my joints.

* Joy Atkinson

I feel great! The gym and these results i have achieved have given me incentive to try even harder, love coming here! I have lost 14.5cm overall and my confidence has improved!

* Emma Whitehand

I've just completes my empower programme and now I feel pretty good!! I still need to push myself to be mire confident but being here has really helped so far! My results so far include 4.5cm lost off of the area i was most working on and a massive boost in confidence!

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